Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger Web Hosting Review 2024 – Pros, Cons & Features.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review


Hostinger stands out as our top recommendation for web hosting, catering to a diverse range of users with its outstanding features. Its combination of affordability, stellar performance, and user-friendly interface has propelled it to the forefront of the industry. Moreover, Hostinger’s hosting plans come with remarkably generous resource allocations.

With Hostinger, pricing starts at just $2.49 per month, making it an ideal choice for beginners venturing into web hosting or for those seeking to migrate from pricier providers. It’s worth noting, however, that to secure these rock-bottom prices, opting for the longest-term (4-year) plan is necessary. Despite this, the investment proves worthwhile given that renewal prices are competitive.

Yet, forming definitive conclusions based solely on surface-level information would be misguided. Consequently, we meticulously researched and evaluated Hostinger across various metrics including ease of use, performance, security, pricing, and customer support. Delve into our comprehensive Hostinger review to determine if it aligns with your hosting needs.

⭐ Rating:
Price: From $2.49/month
Uptime guarantee: 99.9%
Hosting types: Shared, WordPress, VPS, cloud, and email hosting
Server locations: The US, the UK, Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Brazil, Singapore, and India
24/7 live support: Yes

Hostinger Overview: Founded in 2004, Hostinger has quickly grown to become one of the largest web hosting companies globally, boasting over 29 million users across 178 countries. With a focus on providing affordable yet feature-rich hosting solutions, Hostinger aims to empower individuals and businesses to establish and grow their online presence with ease.

Hostinger Pricing: Hostinger is known for its affordable pricing plans, making it an attractive option for individuals and small businesses with budget constraints. They offer three shared hosting plans: Single, Premium, and Business, with pricing starting as low as $2.49 per month (with a long-term commitment).

Pros and Cons: To provide a balanced review, let’s examine some of the pros and cons of Hostinger web hosting:


  • Affordable pricing plans suitable for individuals and small businesses.
  • Impressive performance with fast loading times and reliable uptime.
  • User-friendly control panel and one-click installers for easy website management.
  • Strong focus on security with free SSL certificates and DDoS protection.
  • Scalable hosting plans that can accommodate growth.


  • Mixed customer support experiences reported by some users.
  • Higher renewal rates compared to initial sign-up prices.
  • Limited advanced features compared to more premium hosting providers.

Is Hosting Management User-Friendly?

In terms of user-friendliness, Hostinger stands out as exceptionally easy to navigate, specifically tailored with novices in mind. Automatic wizards streamline the setup process for websites, emails, domains, and VPS services.

Moreover, the control panel not only boasts an appealing interface but also seamlessly integrates simplicity with functionality.

Setting Up Hosting

To begin, determining the type of hosting required and selecting a compatible provider is essential. Hostinger, for instance, offers various hosting types such as Shared, Cloud, VPS, WordPress, and Minecraft.

Once these decisions are made, the hosting setup process is straightforward and doesn’t demand extensive technical knowledge. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up a hosting plan:

  1. Upon subscribing to Hostinger, locate the Setup option within your control panel.
  2. Navigate to the Hello! page and click on Start now, providing necessary details about your web hosting project.
  3. Choose between creating a new website or migrating an existing one. Hostinger facilitates website creation through tools like Hostinger Website Builder, WordPress, and other website builders.
  4. Choose a new domain name or utilize an existing one for your website.
  5. Ensure the setup process aligns with your preferences by reviewing the summary and making any necessary adjustments before completing the setup.

Create or Migrate a Website


Hostinger hPanel and its array of features

Hostinger distinguishes itself by offering a custom control panel called hPanel, which boasts intuitive navigation.

Drawing inspiration from its predecessors, particularly cPanel, users familiar with this interface will find hPanel to be an upgrade without feeling disoriented. Additionally, newcomers need not worry; Hostinger provides ample support and guidance for a seamless experience.

You can swiftly enhance your website’s performance or clear the cache with just a single click.

In our observation over time, Hostinger has demonstrated unwavering dedication to its control panel. The provider consistently updates hPanel to enhance its intuitiveness and user-friendliness. Hence, don’t be surprised if you notice some changes while using it.

The primary tasks you’ll handle in hPanel include:

  • Accessing the file manager
  • Installing applications
  • Migrating your current website
  • Checking databases
  • Adding new websites
  • Configuring the main domain
  • Utilizing the website builder
  • Creating email accounts

Upon closer inspection, everything is meticulously organized within hPanel. The only drawback we’ve encountered is occasional sluggishness. However, apart from this minor inconvenience, we haven’t identified any other issues.

Overall, hPanel serves as a proficient tool for managing your website. It encompasses all the necessary functionalities, and if you can overlook the speed aspect, there are no other notable flaws.

Regarding WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress with Hostinger is remarkably straightforward. Simply locate the WordPress icon (typically the first one) in the Websites > One-Click Installs tool and click on it. Moreover, you might not even need to use this feature separately, as WordPress installation can be automated during the initial setup of your hosting account.

If you missed the initial setup or require an additional website, opt for WordPress, and the installation window will promptly appear.

By default, Hostinger selects the latest WordPress version and sets up a new database. However, you have the flexibility to modify these preferences to your liking. Once you click the Install button, your website will be up and running within minutes.

Experience Seamless Website Migration with Hostinger

Did you know that Hostinger offers complimentary website migration services? Despite this valuable feature, it’s often overlooked due to the lack of information available.

Previously, initiating a transfer was as simple as reaching out to a support agent. Typically, the same agent would guide you through the process promptly, ensuring a smooth transition every step of the way.

Now, accessing this service has become even more convenient. You can easily request your free website migration directly from your dashboard without the need for any additional communication.

To begin, simply click on your name icon within your account to locate the migration request form. Hostinger accommodates various platforms including WordPress, cPanel, FTP, and other control panels.

While the process requires providing your hosting account password, consider the imminent cancellation of your current account. Nonetheless, ensure that you maintain unique passwords for all your accounts to enhance security.

If the fear of a complex migration process has been holding you back from switching providers, rest assured that Hostinger’s seamless migration service eliminates any hesitation.

Key Features: Free Domain and Website Builder

Streamlining the website creation process, Hostinger offers essential features such as a complimentary domain, email accounts, SSL, and a user-friendly website builder. This comprehensive package caters to both personal projects and budding startups, making Hostinger an ideal web hosting solution.

Inclusive with Hostinger’s shared hosting plans (excluding the most basic option) are a free domain registration, 100 email accounts, and an SSL certificate. Even the most economical shared plan is well-equipped for small businesses, boasting affordability at $2.49 per month while encompassing all essential components, eliminating the need for additional expenditures.

Hostinger provides a range of free Top-Level Domains (TLDs) including .com, .net, .xyz, .online, .website, .space, and more.

When it comes to website development, while WordPress remains a popular choice, Hostinger offers an alternative with its intuitive Hostinger Website Builder tool.

Key Features


Website builders offer a simpler and faster approach to launching a website, as they provide all design components without requiring any programming expertise.

Specifically discussing the Hostinger Website Builder, here’s what it offers:

  • Over 150 contemporary templates
  • Drag-and-drop editing feature
  • AI technology creates unique websites upon request
  • AI-generated website content
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Tools for blogging, SEO, and email services
  • Starting price of $2.49 per month

For a more comprehensive understanding, you can explore our in-depth Hostinger Website Builder review. Therefore, if you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, the Hostinger Website Builder could be an excellent alternative.

Is Hostinger Fast?

Hostinger sets a stellar benchmark for web hosting performance. Regardless of your chosen plan, this hosting service consistently delivers stability, speed, and robust traffic handling capabilities.

In our comprehensive testing, we conducted three different assessments to gauge any potential weaknesses.

Server Uptime and Response Time

Hostinger guarantees a 99.9% uptime for all hosting plans, backed by a service level agreement (SLA). Hostinger consistently delivered on this promise, with minimal downtime observed over an extended period.

While the initial pricing may seem enticing, it’s essential to note that renewal rates are higher, so users should be mindful of this when considering long-term hosting options. Additionally, Hostinger frequently runs promotions and discounts, so keeping an eye out for deals can lead to further cost savings.

Throughout our testing phase, Hostinger maintained a flawless 100% uptime. While occasional downtimes of 1 or 2 minutes are natural and inevitable for any provider in the long run, Hostinger offers a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee. Additionally, our tools recorded an impressive average response time of 511ms, outperforming the shared hosting industry standard of 600ms.

Response time


Speed is crucial for user experience and SEO, and Hostinger excels in this aspect. Websites hosted on Hostinger’s platform benefit from LiteSpeed caching, which significantly improves page load times. In independent speed tests, Hostinger consistently ranks among the fastest hosting providers in its price range.

Hostinger offers a choice of 8 data center locations worldwide, including the US, UK, Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Singapore, India, and Brazil. Exceptional performance is observed when testing from the US, with a mere 479ms until Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). European visitors experience a load time of approximately 1.3 seconds, and with a fully developed website, LCP extends to 849ms. For those seeking top-tier web hosting speed, Hostinger stands out as an excellent choice.


Performance Testing

In stress testing, we directed 50 visitors to our test website. Despite the increase in visitor count (grey line), the response time (blue line) remained consistent. Hostinger exhibited consistent speed, with only minor fluctuations later on. Overall, it maintained its rapid response even under increased traffic.

Performance-wise, Hostinger shows no vulnerabilities. The provider’s adept use of technology is the driving force behind the outstanding performance results we observed in our Hostinger review.

Stress testing

Factors Contributing to Fast Load Times

It’s intriguing how Hostinger, an affordable provider, achieves performance levels comparable to more expensive hosts like SiteGround or A2 Hosting.

So, what exactly contributes to Hostinger’s speed?

  1. Latency Management: Hostinger mitigates latency issues by offering 8 server locations globally, allowing users to select the location closest to their target audience to minimize loading times, much like choosing a Wi-Fi router’s proximity for stronger connectivity.
  2. Updated Technology: Hostinger consistently updates its technology, employing SSD and NVMe drives, the latest PHP versions, and fast LiteSpeed web servers. It remains proactive in adopting new advancements to adhere to industry best practices.
  3. WordPress Optimization: Hostinger optimizes its services for WordPress websites, leveraging the latest technology and optimizations. It ticks all the boxes for WordPress optimization, including the latest PHP version, support for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 (Quic), IPv6 compatibility, and advanced caching capabilities.

Hostinger Security: A Comprehensive Overview

When it comes to security, Hostinger boasts robust features and measures, albeit leaning towards the fundamental end of the spectrum. The platform entrusts the vigilance of its servers to security experts, ensuring the safety of both your data and your visitors’ through complimentary SSL encryption. Depending on your chosen plan, you can benefit from either weekly or daily backups, coupled with the option to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) for added security layers.

Now, delving deeper into the specifics:

Internal Server Security: Hostinger maintains round-the-clock monitoring of its servers, fortified with essential security modules like mod_security and PHP open_basedir. These servers are strategically located in Tier-3 level data centers or higher, fortifying Hostinger’s security infrastructure at its core.

Backup Solutions: Imagine having the power to rewind time for your website. Hostinger offers weekly backups across all plans, with daily backups exclusively available to Business plan subscribers. This feature ensures swift restoration of your website to a previous functional state in the event of unexpected errors or issues.

SSL Encryption: Hostinger’s plans come equipped with unlimited free SSL certificates, effortlessly installable during initial website setup. This encryption protocol secures data transmission to and from your server, bolstering protection against potential third-party breaches. Notably, SSL activation also contributes positively to Google search rankings.

DDoS Protection: Hostinger employs a multi-layered defense mechanism against DDoS attacks, utilizing tools like Wanguard to analyze and block malicious traffic through generated firewall rules. Furthermore, each server is fortified with Bitninja or Imunify360 web application firewalls, further enhancing Hostinger’s defense capabilities.

2FA: Enhancing login security, Hostinger implements 2-factor authentication, necessitating both a password and a secondary verification code accessible only via an authorized app. This additional layer of authentication mitigates the risks associated with compromised passwords.

Malware Scanner: Hostinger’s proactive approach includes a robust malware scanner that continuously monitors hosted websites, scrutinizing files, databases, and server configurations for any indications of malicious activity.

Secure Access Manager: For collaborative projects, Hostinger offers a Secure Access Manager to streamline user access and permissions management, ensuring controlled and secure collaboration.

Domain Privacy: Hostinger prioritizes the protection of domain owners’ personal information to mitigate spam and unsolicited contacts, enhancing overall privacy and security measures.

Hostinger incorporates essential security features across its packages, effectively safeguarding websites against common vulnerabilities. While the array of security tools may appear modest, it suffices to position Hostinger among the top-tier web hosting companies in terms of security prowess.

Hostinger’s Hosting Options Demystified

Hostinger, renowned for its versatility, extends beyond basic shared hosting to offer a plethora of competitively priced solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting: Delve into Hostinger’s Managed WordPress hosting, starting at an unbeatable $2.49/month. Each plan boasts a robust feature set akin to shared hosting, including free email accounts, SSL, WP-CLI integration, and tailored WordPress perks like caching management via the WordPress dashboard.
  • Cloud Hosting: Scale your operations effortlessly with Hostinger’s Cloud hosting, a dynamic gateway to VPS and private servers. Packages commence at $8.99/month, featuring resources ranging from 3GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 200GB NVMe storage, to a formidable 12GB RAM, 6 CPU cores, and 300GB storage.
  • VPS Hosting: Catering to seasoned users, Hostinger’s self-managed VPS hosting starts at just $6.99/month. Choose from resource allocations spanning 1 vCPU, 4GB RAM, and 50GB NVMe storage, to a robust 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM, and 400GB storage.
  • Minecraft Hosting: Hostinger’s Minecraft hosting caters to diverse community sizes, offering plans with resources ranging from 4GB RAM and 1 vCPU, ideal for smaller communities, to robust configurations featuring 16GB RAM and 4 vCPUs, perfect for server monetization. Prices start at $6.99/month.
  • Hostinger’s Pricing and Hosting Plans: Hostinger’s shared hosting reigns supreme as the most popular and affordable choice, starting at just $2.49 a month. Additionally, delve into budget-friendly WordPress plans, dynamic Cloud hosting, and versatile VPS options.

Discover unparalleled value this Black Friday with Hostinger’s VPS deals, surpassing offerings from other providers.

Type of hosting Best for
Shared hosting For smaller personal sites and business landing pages.
WordPress hosting Improved WordPress website hosting.
Cloud hosting Small business owners selling online.
VPS hosting Online stores, web-based apps, and similar projects. A more advanced option.


Regardless of your project’s current stage, there’s an option tailored to fit it perfectly.

Shared hosting typically serves as the starting point for most individuals. One crucial aspect to highlight from the outset is that both plans come bundled with SSL and a complimentary domain name registration. It’s worth noting, however, that this complimentary period lasts for just one year – subsequently, Hostinger’s custom domain name renewals will incur charges, albeit at a reasonably affordable rate of $10.99/year for .com domains.

Now, let’s delve into each shared hosting plan to gain a comprehensive understanding of the features available.

 Premium  Business Cloud Startup
Price $2.49/month $3.69/month $8.99/month
Websites 100 100 300
Storage 100GB 200GB 200GB
Email Up to 100 accounts Up to 100 accounts Up to 100 accounts
Free domain
Free SSL
Unlimited bandwidth
Backups ✅ (Weekly) ✅ (Daily) ✅ (Daily)
Unlimited databases
Website builder
DNS management
WordPress staging tool
Object caching

Hostinger, like many other services, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try it out without risk. However, there are a few important points to consider before signing up:

  • The host provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • First-time users can enjoy a discount of up to 81% on their initial billing term.
  • Payments made with cryptocurrency are non-refundable.
  • Additional services such as G Suite, domain privacy protection, and the SEO toolkit cannot be refunded.
  • Country code top-level domains (e.g., .in, .uk, .sg) are also non-refundable.

While these are standard terms, it’s essential to be aware of them.

Overall, Hostinger stands out as one of the most affordable options available. With plans starting at less than $3, users can access reliable web hosting services. Whether opting for a basic plan or more advanced features, Hostinger delivers performance that impresses even the most tech-savvy individuals. Given its competitive pricing, choosing Hostinger is a no-brainer.

Does Hostinger offer a website builder?

Absolutely. Hostinger provides the Hostinger Website Builder with all its shared hosting plans. This intuitive tool incorporates an AI builder function, allowing you to generate a unique website effortlessly. Moreover, it boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, granting you ample customization options. With over 150 responsive templates available, you can swiftly kick-start your website.

Additional Features:

The Hostinger Website Builder is equipped with AI-powered business tools, such as an AI writer, editor, and a heatmap feature that highlights attention-grabbing areas on your site. In terms of marketing tools, Hostinger offers an array of valuable options including Google Analytics, eCommerce integration, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel.

Customer Support

24/7 live chat
Ticketing system
Phone line
Knowledge base


Hostinger prides itself on offering a comprehensive array of customer support options tailored to meet your needs. With 24/7 live chat, a responsive ticketing system, email assistance, and an extensive knowledge base, we ensure that help is always at your fingertips.

During our evaluation of Hostinger’s 24/7 live chat, we were impressed by the swift response times, often within a minute. The professionalism and helpfulness of the agents stood out, each demonstrating thorough training and adeptness in addressing inquiries with finesse.

For instance, when inquiring about server location options, the agent not only provided a detailed list of data centers but also explained the limitations and offered assistance with transfers if needed.

Moreover, Hostinger’s constantly updated knowledge base offers a wealth of resources, from basic web hosting tutorials to troubleshooting guides for common issues like control panel and email configuration.

In summary, Hostinger excels in providing excellent customer support. Their knowledgeable and friendly agents strive to address your queries promptly, complemented by a vast knowledge base for those who prefer a do-it-yourself approach.

Is Hostinger the right choice for you?

In this comprehensive Hostinger review, we’ve demonstrated that this web hosting provider remains a top contender. It continues to offer affordability and user-friendliness, while also ensuring reliability and providing a solid platform for high-speed websites.

In conclusion, how does everything appear?

High-quality hosting on a budget
Hostinger offers unparalleled affordability starting at just $2.49 per month. Comparable features from other providers typically come at a significantly higher cost.
Ease of Use
Hostinger utilizes a sleek, contemporary hPanel that boasts functionality and user-friendliness, facilitating seamless navigation. Its intuitive initial setups expedite the process of website launch.
Hostinger aced every test, demonstrating exceptional reliability, lightning-fast performance, and adept handling of increased website traffic.
The provider ensures all necessary security measures are in place without delving into extensive detail about them.
Hostinger boasts an exceptionally amiable and supportive team of customer support agents who are readily available around the clock via live chat or email. We experienced nearly instantaneous responses from the live chat agents to our inquiries.


Whom do we endorse Hostinger for?

Hostinger emerges as the prime choice for novice users embarking on their inaugural website ventures. It combines affordability with premium quality and user-friendliness. Conversely, pricier alternatives cater excellently to small businesses, boasting performance that rivals industry leaders.

In conclusion, Hostinger offers a compelling web hosting solution for individuals and small businesses looking for affordable yet reliable hosting services. With impressive performance, user-friendly features, and strong security measures, Hostinger stands out as a solid choice for those starting their online journey or seeking to migrate their existing websites to a new host.

While there are some minor drawbacks, such as mixed customer support experiences and higher renewal rates, the overall value proposition provided by Hostinger makes it a worthy contender in the competitive web hosting market. Whether you’re launching a personal blog, e-commerce store, or corporate website, Hostinger’s hosting plans can cater to your needs while keeping costs in check.

Ultimately, your choice of web hosting provider should align with your specific requirements and budget. If affordability, performance, and ease of use are among your top priorities, Hostinger is certainly worth considering for your next web hosting venture.

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