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WP Activity Log – The #1 User-Rated Activity Log Plugin

Unveiling WP Activity Log – The #1 User-Rated Activity Log Plugin

The WP Activity Log plugin stands as the epitome of comprehensive, real-time user activity and monitoring logs for WordPress. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of administrators and security professionals, it offers unparalleled insight into website activities, earning its status as the top-rated activity log plugin in the WordPress community.

Whether you’re a website owner, administrator, or developer, keeping track of changes and user interactions is crucial for security, compliance, and troubleshooting. This is where activity log plugins come into play, and one such standout in the realm of WordPress is WP Activity Log.


Why Activity Logs Matter

Activity logs serve as a digital footprint, recording every action and event that occurs within a WordPress website. From content modifications to user logins, plugin installations to security-related events, having a detailed log of activities offers several benefits:

  1. Security Monitoring: Detect unauthorized access, malicious activities, or suspicious behavior in real-time.
  2. Troubleshooting: Quickly identify the source of errors, conflicts, or issues that may arise on your website.
  3. Compliance and Auditing: Meet regulatory requirements by maintaining a record of user actions, especially in industries with strict compliance standards.
  4. User Accountability: Hold users accountable for their actions by tracking changes made to the website.


Introducing WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log is a leading activity log plugin for WordPress, trusted by over 100,000 users worldwide. Renowned for its reliability, versatility, and user-friendly interface, WP Activity Log offers an extensive range of features designed to enhance website security and streamline monitoring efforts.


Key Features – WP Activity Log

Wp activity log features

Keep a log of website changes

Whether it’s a content change, a system setting, or a user profile change, the plugin keeps a log of the changes that happen on your website. It has the broadest coverage, so changes don’t go unnoticed on your WordPress.

Comprehensive activity log

When the plugin keeps a log of a change it records all the details you need, such as the date and time, the event ID and severity, the user which did the change and the user’s role, the IP address, and all the other details about the change.


Multisite network support

Keep a log of changes that happen at network level on your multisite network, filter the logs per sub site, allow site admins to access the logs of the sub site they have admin privileges on and more.

Performance & security

The plugin is designed with performance and security in mind. It keeps a log of what logged in users do so it does not affect the front-end of the website and it has no impact on the user experience.


Ensure website compliance

Many compliance bodies such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS require website owners to keep a log of the changes that happen on the website, and a log of data access. By keeping an activity log you check another box in your regulatory compliance checklist.


Receive instant SMS & email alerts

Know what is happening on your websites without having to login! Get instantly alerted of critical site changes via SMS messages and emails. You can start right away with the built-in notifications or even create your own notification triggers.


Generate activity log reports

Generate any type of report from the activity log. Criteria are fully configurable, so you are not tied down to a limited number of reports. You can also schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to be sent automatically to your inbox.


Easily track down specific activity

Make free-text searches to easily track down specific WordPress system and user changes. Use the wide selection of built-in filters to fine tune the search results, enabling you to find what you are looking for within just a few seconds.


Manage users sessions in real-time

See who is logged in to your websites and what they are doing in real-time. Remotely terminate sessions, block simultaneous same user sessions, automatically terminate idle sessions, and get notified via email of session statuses.


Keep a log of file changes

Keep a log of all file changes that happen on your WordPress website and any third party code running on it by installing our plugin Website File Changes Monitor, which automatically reports any changes in the activity log.

WooCommerce Ready

The plugin has a dedicated sensor for WooCommerce. It keeps a log of customers and order changes, and any other change shop managers do on WooCommerce, such as products, coupons, shipping, and store settings changes.


Activity logs for third party plugins

The plugin also keeps a log of changes that take place on popular third party plugins such as Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, and WPForms. We also develop a MainWP extension, which enables you to view child sites’ logs in one central dashboard.


Fully configurable activity log

Fine tune the logs to your requirements. Disable individual event IDs, configure log detail level, retention policies, permissions, and more.


Automatically logout inactive users

Protect your site and configure idle user sessions to terminate automatically if users leave their session unattended for an extended time.


Store the logs in an external database

Improve the security posture of your website and store the activity log in an external database. By doing so you also safeguard the integrity of the logs in an unfortunate case of a website hack.


Archive old activity log data

Configure the plugin to automatically archive log data that is older than a specific period to another database. Keep the log organized, easier to search, compact, and blazing fast.


Logs & business systems integration

Mirror the activity log in real time to your central logs management system so you do not have to log in to the websites and see what is happening from one central place. WP Activity Log supports AWS CloudWatch, Loggly, Slack, and others.


Mirror the activity log to log files

Mirror the activity logs to a log file as a backup, while making it easier to import the activity log to your custom logs management system. Configure the plugin to write the activity log to a log file so the logs can be read and parsed by your system.


Send activity logs directly to third party systems

When you send the activity log to a log file or a third party logs management system you can configure the plugin to not write any activity log data to the database, avoiding redundant data.

Export & import plugin settings configuration

Export the plugin settings configuration to keep a backup, or to import the same plugin configuration on other websites, allowing you to have a base configuration and easily propagate it to other websites.


Delete specific activity log data

Need to delete data for a specific user, IP address, or another object? Use the activity log data manager to delete specific data that you do not want in your log.


Premium support

Get professional email support within just a few hours from people who care. Our knowledgeable support team is proud of our 8-hour average response time.


WP Activity Log Pricing

Wp activity log pricing


Introducing WP Activity Log, the ultimate solution for enterprises seeking comprehensive WordPress activity tracking. Priced from just $189 per year, our ENTERPRISE package offers unparalleled features including logs centralization and seamless integration with third-party services.

With a 1-site license, you’ll enjoy everything included in our Premium package and more. Mirror your logs to AWS Cloudwatch, Loggly, Papertrail, Syslog, and other platforms effortlessly. Write activity logs to a log file, save them in an external database, and benefit from activity log archiving. Plus, receive priority support to ensure your experience is seamless.

For the Best Value, opt for our PREMIUM package at just $139 per year. Ideal for WordPress websites, it includes everything in our Free package, along with advanced search filters, instant customizable email and SMS notifications, activity log statistics reports, and more. Gain insights into active user sessions and manage them effectively with automated and scheduled email reports.

Not sure which package suits you best? Start with our FREE option, offering essential activity log functionality for basic needs. Perfect for small and non-business websites, it provides a comprehensive activity log, free-text based search, configurable log and settings permissions, and more, all with no limits or restrictions on activity logging.

Enhance your WordPress website’s security and performance today with WP Activity Log – choose the package that fits your enterprise needs and unlock a world of comprehensive activity tracking.


User Experience and Reviews

WP Activity Log boasts an impressive user rating, consistently praised for its intuitive interface, robust functionality, and responsive support. Users commend its ease of use, reliability, and effectiveness in enhancing website security and monitoring capabilities.




In an era marked by increasing cybersecurity threats and stringent compliance standards, having a reliable activity log plugin is non-negotiable for WordPress website owners and administrators. WP Activity Log stands out as the #1 user-rated activity log plugin, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring user activities, enhancing security, and ensuring compliance.

With its extensive feature set, intuitive interface, and stellar user reviews, WP Activity Log continues to empower WordPress users worldwide, providing peace of mind and comprehensive insights into their website’s operations.

Experience the power of WP Activity Log today and elevate your WordPress website’s security and monitoring capabilities.

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