WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket Review 2024 – Great Caching Plugin for WordPress?

WP Rocket Review – The Best Caching Plugin for WordPress


Accelerating your WordPress website‘s performance is essential for enhancing loading times, and integrating a caching plugin stands out as a top solution. Even marginal reductions in loading times can significantly boost conversion rates and elevate your site’s visibility on search engines.

Considering the quest for optimizing your WordPress site‘s speed through caching plugins, WP Rocket emerges as a prominent contender. Renowned for its efficacy with minimal input, this plugin garners attention. However, does it align with your site’s requirements?

This review aims to address that query comprehensively. Through dissecting its features, delving into user experience, and presenting outcomes from deploying WP Rocket on our test platforms, we aim to equip you with the insights necessary for a well-informed decision regarding the most suitable caching solution for your WordPress website.

Let’s delve into the details.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin for WordPress designed to improve website performance and speed. Launched in 2013 by WP Media, it has quickly become one of the most popular caching solutions among website owners, developers, and agencies. Unlike many free caching plugins, WP Rocket offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to optimize your site’s speed without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Understanding WordPress Caching

If you’re curious about how WP Rocket can enhance the speed of your WordPress site but need clarification, this section of our review will provide a clear explanation. If you’re already familiar with WordPress caching or are uninterested in its mechanics, feel free to skip ahead.

Simply put, each time a visitor accesses a page on your website, a significant amount of data is exchanged between the server, WordPress software, and WordPress database to dynamically generate the requested webpage. This process can slow down site performance, particularly with lower-cost hosting solutions.

To address this, caching creates a static version of your site and its content. When someone visits the site, this static content is displayed instead of being dynamically generated, resulting in faster loading times.

Aside from the speed improvement, visitors won’t notice any differences between dynamic and cached static content. Leading caching plugins automatically update cached files when you make changes to your site, ensuring that the static content remains current.

For a deeper understanding, refer to our comprehensive guide on website caching.

Enabling Caching on a WordPress Website

There are two primary methods for implementing caching on your WordPress site: selecting a web host that includes caching as part of its hosting plans or installing a caching plugin. Depending on your web host, you may be able to combine your preferred caching plugin with their in-house caching technology to maximize site speed.

Caching is a widely adopted and effective strategy for enhancing WordPress performance. Is WP Rocket the right choice for your site? Let’s explore further.


About WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a dynamic plugin designed to optimize WordPress websites by implementing caching mechanisms aimed at enhancing loading speeds. In addition to caching capabilities, WP Rocket offers a range of features geared towards accelerating website performance, which we’ll delve into in this comprehensive review.

WP Rocket Review


Although there are several commendable free WordPress caching plugins available, WP Rocket stands out as a premium option, starting at $49. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether investing in WP Rocket is worthwhile.

Does WP Rocket Actually Enhance WordPress Website’s Speed?

Before delving into its functionalities and mechanics, if your primary concern is whether WP Rocket can accelerate your website, our experience suggests a resounding yes.

Upon installing this plugin across three sites, all witnessed notable speed enhancements, ranging from 480 milliseconds to 1.18 seconds, translating to improvements of 27 to 69 percent. While detailed test results are provided later in this review, here’s a concise summary of one of our trials:

Wordpress Website's Speed


As discussed, while there are free caching plugins available, our comparison of WP Rocket with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache — two popular free WordPress caching plugins — showed that WP Rocket delivered superior results based on test data.

For those who prioritize performance regardless of cost, investing in WP Rocket is likely the optimal decision. However, if budget is a concern, this review will assist you in determining whether purchasing this premium caching plugin is a worthwhile investment or if alternative options should be considered.

To aid in your decision-making process, let’s delve into the standout features of WP Rocket.

Standout Features of WP Rocket

When selecting a caching plugin for your WordPress website, the primary consideration is typically its impact on loading times. Yet, in addition to potential speed enhancements, it’s crucial to assess the ease of configuration to ensure optimal results.

Therefore, before exploring its key features, let’s assess the user experience offered by WP Rocket.

User-Friendly Interface

WP Rocket distinguishes itself by offering a caching solution designed to be accessible to users of all technical proficiencies, simplifying the process of accelerating WordPress websites.

Simultaneously, WP Rocket caters to advanced users by providing a range of customizable options, allowing them to fine-tune caching settings according to their preferences.

One notable feature of WP Rocket is its intuitive dashboard, which streamlines the process of enabling and managing caching for WordPress websites. Upon activation, the plugin immediately begins caching your site to enhance loading times.

If you’re apprehensive about your technical capabilities in optimizing your WordPress website’s speed with caching, rest assured that WP Rocket’s straightforward installation and activation process empower users to initiate site optimization effortlessly.

WP Rocket plugin dashboard


When you’re prepared to explore WP Rocket beyond its default settings, comprehensive video guides are available covering all of the plugin’s features. These tutorials not only demonstrate feature usage but also enhance your understanding of WP Rocket’s functionality and its capabilities.

Accessible directly from your WordPress dashboard, these videos effectively elucidate WP Rocket’s default functions and offer optimal configuration tips tailored to your website.

For a more hands-on approach to website optimization with WP Rocket, the dashboard’s settings and controls are thoughtfully organized and supplemented with clear explanations integrated into the plugin’s user interface. Thus, enabling additional features like mobile caching or HTML and CSS file minification is made easily achievable.

WP Rocket Cache


While navigating through WP Rocket’s settings and options, you’ll find not only helpful explanatory text but also links that promptly showcase relevant support content within the pop-up assistant panel. This streamlined approach makes it easy to determine whether utilizing specific features or settings of WP Rocket aligns with your site’s needs.

WP Rocket dashboard


WP Rocket stands out from free WordPress caching plugins through its premium support feature. It’s convenient that you can directly message the help desk staff from within your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to visit the plugin website.

WP Rocket support


WP Rocket is unparalleled in its ability to swiftly enhance your website’s speed upon activation, offering extensive support to empower you in proactively optimizing your site’s performance.


CDN Compatibility

Enhancing your website’s speed through the global distribution of files using a content delivery network (CDN) is highly effective. It’s reassuring to know that WP Rocket seamlessly integrates with most CDN providers.

Whether you utilize the CDN service bundled with your hosting plan or have opted for an independent CDN, WP Rocket ensures smooth integration, further enhancing your site’s performance.

Media Optimization

Large image files can significantly hinder website speed. WP Rocket addresses this concern with several features.

Primarily, the plugin offers an optional LazyLoading feature, delaying the loading and display of images and videos until the user scrolls to their position on the page. This contrasts with the automatic loading of all media files upon page display in the browser.

WP Rocket Media Optimization


Enhance your website’s performance with WP Rocket, offering the flexibility to load emojis directly from visitors’ devices rather than fetching them from WordPress.org. Additionally, the WP Rocket team has developed Imagify, a free image optimization plugin that efficiently compresses website images, reducing file sizes and enhancing loading speeds.

Database Optimization

As your WordPress database expands over time, it could impede your website’s speed. To address this issue, WP Rocket provides database optimization functionalities. These include clearing out outdated post revisions, drafts, and trashed posts, along with deleted or spam-marked comments, ensuring your website runs smoothly.

WP Rocket Database Optimization


WP Rocket offers more than just optimizing database tables on command. It features the convenience of scheduling automatic database clean-ups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This eliminates the need for additional plugins dedicated to WordPress database optimization, potentially streamlining the process for efficiency.

File Size Reduction with Minification

Beyond image optimization, WP Rocket efficiently reduces the size of various file types, including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. By utilizing the optional minification feature, unnecessary elements such as whitespace, comments, line-breaks, and extra characters are removed from your website’s code files. This reduction in file size translates to decreased bandwidth consumption and faster loading times, complementing caching efforts to enhance website speed.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Acknowledging the growing trend of mobile website access, WP Rocket offers optimization features catering to smartphone and tablet users. This includes enabling caching for mobile devices and generating separate cache files tailored specifically for mobile platforms. Such optimization efforts contribute to faster loading times, accommodating the preferences of mobile-oriented audiences.

Ecommerce Compatibility

WP Rocket seamlessly integrates with various ecommerce plugins, making it compatible with online stores and product-selling websites built on WordPress. By automatically excluding critical pages like view cart and checkout from caching, WP Rocket ensures smooth browsing experiences for customers while enhancing website performance.

Flexible Cache Management

WP Rocket ensures visitors always encounter the most up-to-date version of your website by clearing the cache whenever new content is published or site modifications occur. Additionally, users have the flexibility to manually clear the cache or schedule automatic cache file deletions at specified intervals, empowering them with customizable cache management options.

WP Rocket Cache Management


Optimize the freshness of your website content by configuring a cache lifespan spanning minutes, hours, or days. This ensures that your visitors consistently access the most up-to-date version of your site.

Additionally, tailor your caching strategy to accommodate logged-in users, a particularly valuable feature for membership sites or projects with user-specific content. This allows you to differentiate the experience for logged-in users and regular visitors.

Excluding Content From Cache

Certain components of a WordPress site, such as the login page or a shopping cart, should remain uncached. While WP Rocket automatically excludes these URLs from its cache, you also have the flexibility to designate other URLs that should be exempt.

Effortlessly specify the addresses of posts, pages, or other content that should never be cached using the designated section in the plugin dashboard. WP Rocket simplifies the process, and for more advanced control, regular expressions can be employed to exclude entire groups of pages from the cache simultaneously.

WP Rocket Advanced Rules

You have the option to remove specific content from the cache using the WP Rocket Options panel integrated into the WordPress editor screen.


WP Rocket Exclude From Cache Page Settings


WP Rocket offers the capability to exclude specific browsers or user agents from accessing cached content, providing a tailored caching experience.


Web Hosting Compatibility

The effectiveness of WP Rocket on your website varies depending on your web host. Some hosts employ their own caching systems, which may prompt certain WP Rocket features to be automatically disabled to ensure compatibility.

Notably, WP Rocket stands out as the sole caching plugin permitted by WP Engine. Our tests have demonstrated notable benefits when using WP Rocket in conjunction with WP Engine, as well as with GoDaddy and SiteGround.

Even if your hosting plan includes caching, employing WP Rocket can still yield advantages such as leveraging lazy loading, database optimization, minification, and other plugin features.

For an insightful comparison of WP Rocket’s features against other leading caching plugins for WordPress, refer to the comprehensive comparison table available on the WP Rocket website. However, bear in mind that as this table is crafted by the WP Rocket team, it may not fully depict the capabilities of other plugins.


WP Rocket Speed Testing Results

To assist you in determining if WP Rocket is the optimal caching plugin to enhance your site’s speed, we conducted performance tests on several WordPress websites to assess any improvements in loading times post-activation.

Upon activating WP Rocket, the plugin immediately commences the optimization process for websites. In addition to the default optimization, we utilized some of its supplementary features, such as file and image optimization, accessible through the intuitive dashboard—a user-friendly functionality accessible to all WordPress users. Notably, more advanced functionalities like CDN integration and Heartbeat API activity control were left unused.



For the initial test conducted on WP Rocket, we deployed it on a freshly installed WordPress site. Following the WordPress installation, we activated the popular Avada theme and imported its Agency demo. The site’s homepage, rich with videos, animations, and various elements, underwent monitoring via Pingdom for 24 hours to establish an initial average load time, which stood at 1.78 seconds.

Subsequently, WP Rocket was installed and activated on the test site. Certain features were enabled through the plugin control panel. To gauge the impact of WP Rocket on the average load time, Pingdom continued monitoring the homepage for an additional 24 hours after the plugin activation.

WP Rocket Speed Test


After activating WP Rocket and its associated features, the average loading time of test site #1 significantly improved to 1.3 seconds, marking a remarkable enhancement of 0.48 seconds or 27 percent.


In the subsequent test, WP Rocket was utilized to optimize and cache a minimalist WordPress website tailored for small businesses. Before the installation of WP Rocket, Pingdom monitoring revealed an average loading time of 1.65 seconds over a 24-hour period.


After implementing WP Rocket and activating several of its features, the average loading time significantly improved to 0.53 seconds, marking a remarkable enhancement of 1.12 seconds, equivalent to a 68 percent increase.


During the assessment, we tested a new website featuring a heavy theme against a lightweight business site. Subsequently, the third evaluation focused on measuring the performance of a five-year-old WordPress blog utilizing a StudioPress theme.


Following a 24-hour site monitoring session sans WP Rocket, the average loading time stood at 1.72 seconds. Upon activating WP Rocket and enabling select features like database and file optimization, the loading time plummeted to 0.54 seconds, marking a significant enhancement of 1.18 seconds or 69 percent.

Speed Test Summary

Below is a concise overview of the outcomes across the three WordPress websites subjected to WP Rocket testing:

Site # Before After Time Improvement % Improvement
1 1.78 s 1.3 s 480 ms 27%
2 1.65 s 526 ms 1.12 s 68%
3 1.72 s 540 ms 1.18 s 69%


WP Rocket significantly enhanced the loading speeds of our three test sites to varying degrees.

WP Rocket achieves optimization for WordPress websites by diminishing file sizes, employing optional features like HTML and CSS minification, and optimizing images. Consequently, alongside enabling caching on the test sites, the plugin also reduced the sizes of the measured pages, as evident in the Pingdom test result screenshots.

While it’s essential to note that each WordPress website is unique, the provided information offers insights into whether WP Rocket has the potential to enhance the speed of your site.

WP Rocket Pricing

As previously noted, WP Rocket stands as a premium caching plugin for WordPress, offering three distinct purchasing options.

WP Rocket PricingWP Rocket PricingWP Rocket Pricing


  • Single: $59 annually for support and updates, valid for use on a single website.
  • Plus: $119 annually for support and updates, applicable for use on up to three websites.
  • Infinite: $299 annually for support and updates, providing coverage for an unlimited number of websites.


Your license is set to automatically renew annually with a 30% discount applied. However, you retain the option to easily disable auto-renewal via your account on the WP Rocket website if desired.

Additionally, a 14-day 100% money-back refund policy is in effect, allowing you to purchase WP Rocket and evaluate its impact on your site’s speed without financial risk.


Real-World Performance

So, does WP Rocket deliver on its promises? In our real-world testing, we found that WP Rocket consistently improved website performance across various metrics. Pages loaded faster, server response times were reduced, and overall user experience was noticeably smoother. The plugin’s intuitive interface made it easy to configure settings and fine-tune performance optimizations to suit our site’s requirements.


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of performance optimization features
  • Regular updates and excellent customer support
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • Improves website performance without requiring advanced technical knowledge


  • Premium pricing may not be feasible for all users
  • Some advanced features may require additional configuration or technical expertise
  • Limited customization options compared to some free caching plugins


Final Thoughts

This evaluation demonstrates that WP Rocket not only offers user-friendly functionality but also tangibly enhances the speed of WordPress websites.

Despite the availability of other WordPress caching plugins, including free options, WP Rocket stands out for its ability to accelerate website performance with minimal technical expertise and effort. Investing in WP Rocket means activating it on your site, resulting in noticeable improvements in loading times.

Moreover, WP Rocket provides extensive documentation, including video tutorials, facilitating further enhancement of website loading times. Leveraging the plugin’s additional caching and optimization features can yield even more impressive results. Access to responsive email support further distinguishes WP Rocket as a superior option compared to free alternatives.

Irrespective of your WordPress website’s nature, WP Rocket is likely to enhance its loading speed. With a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can test the plugin’s impact on your site without any risk.

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